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5 Must-Have Apps from the Uberflip Marketplace

Marketers today rely heavily on technology to interact with and engage buyers across the entire journey. But as our tech stacks grow larger and larger, it becomes increasingly important for us to be able to unify all our tools and platforms and use them in tandem to unlock valuable audience data and enhance product capabilities.

That’s why I’m so excited to share the launch of the Uberflip Marketplace. It’s a one-stop-shop for marketers to connect data sources, channels, and campaign destinations to build experiences their buyers can’t help but engage with. 

Below I’ve highlighted five key apps you’ll want to install right away. They will not only make your life easier but will also take your marketing outreach to another level. 

1. Dynamically Customize Content Destinations With Personalizer Apps 

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time customizing campaign destinations for your target accounts, or if you have plans to launch an account-based marketing strategy in the near future, you know how daunting the idea of creating hundreds of personalized content destinations can be. 

With Uberflip’s suite of personalizer apps, you’ll be able to dynamically personalize your Uberflip Streams based on an account’s name, industry, geography, job function, and more. Our personalizer apps are powered by integrations with industry-leading B2B data providers: Demandbase, 6sense, Clearbit, and Bombora. We also have a Query String Personalizer that relies on parameters you define in your URL. 

Once a personalizer app is installed, you’ll be able to alter everything from your banner, messaging, and even the content that appears. These apps are a great way to easily add that extra layer of personalization to your account-based marketing programs without spending hours creating personalized content for every account. 

2. Let Prospects Book Meetings With One Click Using Calendly

When running bottom-of-the-funnel or customer marketing campaigns, it can be a good idea to include a call-to-action that links directly to an account rep’s calendar. If a visitor is intrigued by something in your Marketing Stream, it helps to give them an opportunity to easily book a meeting while they’re feeling excited or inspired. 

The Calendly CTA app appears like a Link CTA, but rather than linking to another page, it automatically opens Calendly right within your content experience. This will help you improve your conversion rate by allowing visitors to easily schedule calls without ever having to leave the page they’re on.


3. Use Sigstr to Promote Content Experiences Through Email 

Think about the thousands of emails you and your team send each year. Not only are those emails brand impressions with an already engaged audience, but they also give you thousands of opportunities to promote your best content.

With the Sigstr app, you’ll be able to connect your Uberflip-powered content experiences to every email sent by anyone in your company through their email signatures. With Uberflip and Sigstr, you’re able to display different signature banners to each audience segment, which all link to different tailored content destinations. 

You’ll also be able to use this app to measure how many views, form submissions, contacts, and customers won are sourced from Sigstr. 

4. Enhance Sales Outreach With Flipbot 

Flipbot is the app that all marketers will want to get their sales teams using yesterday. It’s the perfect app for any sales team that shares content with prospects. 

When you integrate it with your marketing automation platform, Flipbot will be able to identify when someone in your database is visiting a Stream of content, and will send a Slack alert to the account owner. If a visitor isn’t known to you, you’ll be able to gate Streams with a Form CTA to collect their information. 

Flipbot also empowers sales reps to personalize Sales Streams and enhance the experience with CTAs and video. It can add dynamically generated, personalized banners based on a prospect’s information and display a Calendly tile so they can book a meeting with their designated sales rep. 

If you’re a Vidyard user, you’ll even be able to pop up a Vidyard GoVideo when a prospect first visits your Sales Stream, adding a customized greeting video from a familiar face.

5. Filter New Content Using Content History

Have you ever found yourself clicking into an article and after a couple of paragraphs realizing you’ve already read it? Or the flip side, have you ever really enjoyed a piece of content on someone’s blog, but struggled to find it again once you went back and looked for it?

With the Content History app, you can make it easy for your visitors to filter through what they’ve read and haven’t read, depending on their preferences. After installing this app, you’ll be able to select the Streams you wish to activate this feature on, set a minimum viewing duration before an item is considered “Viewed”, and customize styling on those tiles.


Start Supercharging Your Experiences 

With tons of apps to choose from, the Uberflip Marketplace will help you orchestrate the buyer journey to create personalized content experiences that influence and direct buying behavior. Easily integrating all of your favorite tech doesn’t have to be a far-fetched fantasy. You can get started with the simple click of a button! 

All of these apps can be found in the Uberflip Marketplace. Click here to browse and install one today!