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What is Flip the Switch?

Flip the Switch Podcast

Welcome to Uberflip’s weekly marketing podcast, Flip the Switch.

Read on to learn the answers to some FAQs about Flip the Switch, and don’t forget to subscribe!


First things first: what’s Flip the Switch all about?

We’re so glad you asked! Flip the Switch is our weekly marketing podcast featuring a series of conversations with the brightest marketing minds.

Each week, I’m going to speak with some of the most forward-thinking marketing and growth-oriented people about how they get results, approach problems and drive growth. This might include CMOs, startup founders, and everything in between.


What will you talk about?

Our conversations will be targeted to B2B marketers and will cover a wide range of topics (from content creation, to lead generation, to industry trends), the focus of which will be to help you do your job better.

Amongst the blog posts, eBooks, and webinars that we create for our Content Hub, we have a ton of really useful content that aims to educate B2B marketers. More often than not, you can walk away with at least one takeaway to improve your performance as a B2B marketer — and our podcast will be another channel to learn from.

My end goal is to shed light on the most useful insights, actionable takeaways, and new ways to approach the challenges that you face daily.


When will new episodes be released?

Join us every Tuesday and discover the tools, tactics and tips that will help you “flip the switch” from ordinary to remarkable.


Where can I listen?

You can find Flip the Switch on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, and right here on our Content Hub

Flip the Switch iTunes     Flip the Switch SoundCloud     Flip the Switch Stitcher


Awesome! How can I subscribe?

Subscribe on iTunes here. Or, to receive each new episode in your inbox every Tuesday, fill out the form here

BONUS: If you’ve listened to a few episodes of Flip the Switch, leave a review on iTunes and enter to win to win a pair of headphones!


Flip the Switch