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All The Things: Product, Predictive, Content, and ABM [Podcast]

Sean Zinsmeister

The marketing field is really just a tangled web of duties. This conversation with Sean Zinsmeister, Director of Product Marketing at Infer, proves just that. We cover content, product, predictive, analytics, ABM, and more – plus how they're all connected. 

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Guest bio: 

While Sean Zinsmeister works in product marketing, he is really a full-stack marketer. His skills run the gamut of everything under the marketing umbrella from product to lead gen to sales enablement to content. He currently works for Infer, a predictive lead scoring & analytics company, but has a background in other areas of marketing, writing, and even sound mixing. 

Episode breakdown: 

  • Making the leap from sound mixing and music to marketing

  • Intersection between content and product

  • Building an information architecture for marketing the product

  • Reverse engineering for the audience you want to speak to

  • Why you should look through things through a product-agnostic lens

  • How predictive analytics differs from regular lead scoring

  • Creating better ABM strategies with predictive

  • How marketing teams will know they’re ready for predictive analytics


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