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How to Put the "Pro" in Product Marketing [Podcast]

Jesse Noyes Podcast

Where exactly does product marketing fall in the spectrum of roles? Is it in marketing? Sales? Product? You'll learn from Jesse Noyes, Director of Product Marketing & Inbound at Kahuna, exactly what it means to be in product marketing and what qualities a superior product marketer needs to succeed.

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Guest bio: 

Jesse runs product marketing and content at Kahuna. His career has allowed him to work in various roles focusing on both product marketing and content marketing, making him the perfect blend of two sides of the same coin. He has spoken at popular industry events, like Content Marketing World and Marketing Nation Summit, and was featured in Ann Handley's best-selling book, Everybody Writes.

Episode breakdown:

  • Jesse’s definition of product marketing

  • Is product marketing a product role or sales role – or both?

  • Takeaways for interacting with multiple different teams in your company as a product marketer

  • Measuring effectiveness as a product marketer

  • The connection between content and product marketing

  • Product marketing and content marketing are concentric circles

  • Convergence of product, content, and demand generation and the movement towards full-funnel marketers

  • Marketing for “PPC”: Persona, Prospect, Customer

  • Working with the customer support team for customer marketing

  • Owning the customer experience is the largest shift in terms of priority from CEO to CMO

  • A day in the life of a product marketer – who to meet with and what to care about


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