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Never Be Content With Content [Podcast]

Joanna Wiebe

Couldn't make it to The Uberflip Experience this year? Fear not! We'll be publishing a few of the best sessions on the podcast. Get notes for this talk plus all other UFX sessions, courtesy of Unbounce. 

In this episode, hear Joanna Wiebe, creator of Copy Hackers, share her from-the-trenches stories of writing content that matters at Copy Hackers and with clients like Bounce Exchange, live from The Uberflip Experience.

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Guest bio: 

Joanna is the creator of Copy Hackers, the home of conversion copywriting. She produces richly informative ebooks, newsletters and video courses on the topics of conversion copywriting, non-skeezy selling, value propositions + differentiation, and hybrid sales pages. 

Episode breakdown: 

  • What's the difference between copy and content?
  • Does content do the work that copy does? Does it do the work of getting the yes?
  • Why it's getting harder to write "epic" content
  • Love-hate relationship with pop-ups
  • Writer burnout & taking a break from writing content
  • How to write content that converts

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