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#SquadGoals: How Reorganizing Your Marketing Team Can Boost Productivity [Podcast]

Dan Levy

Unbounce's marketing team isn't organized like a typical team – but it's for very good reason. Learn from Dan Levy, Unbounce's Content Director, how the shift to "squads" and "chapters" allowed the marketing team to thrive and 10x their output. 

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Guest bio: 

In Dan's own words, he is "a journalist by training and content strategist by accident". Armed with a journalism degree and years working in the media, Dan was able to make a smooth transition into the content marketing world when joining Unbounce's marketing team as a content strategist. Today, Dan runs Unbounce's content strategy as the Content Director. 

Episode breakdown: 

  • From journalism to content marketing

  • Creating content around sensitive topics/ current events

  • The importance of talking to your audience/ customers

  • Doing all the content to managing a team of 10

  • Creating “squads” within the marketing team around the buyer journey

  • Dealing with silos within different teams

  • Taking the time for workshops within the content team


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