The Truth About Your Marketing Stack: Why More Tech Doesn't Mean More Results [Podcast]

May 24, 2016 Uberflip Hub

Scott Brinker FTS

Always wondered how marketers can seemingly swim through a limitless pool of marketing tools? Listen to this episode to hear Scott Brinker, Co-founder of ion interactive co-founder and Editor of, discuss the  marketing technology and how to apply it across any company.

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Guest bio: 

If you ever want to learn about anything related to marketing technology, Scott Brinker is your guy. Scott is the CTO and Co-founder of ion interactive, Editor and creator of, and author of Hacking Marketing (as well as a contributing author to many industry blogs and websites). If that wasn't enough, he is also the Program Chair of the MarTech conference series which runs shows in both the US and Europe. So yeah, you could say he knows his stuff.

Episode breakdown: 

  • How do marketers deal with the massive amount of software out there?

  • Marketers are becoming software creators

  • The shifting role of marketing in a company, from a peripheral function to an integral one

  • The growing metrics-driven approach to marketing

  • The ideal marketer toolkit

  • Finding a balance between using marketing technology and in-house personnel

  • Inability for companies to act in silos with respect to customer experience

  • Marketing as the interplay between messages, media, and mechanism

  • Moving past the corporate misunderstanding of the role and function of marketers

  • The hopes and concerns of creating a marketing stack

  • What is predictive marketing?


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