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Marketing Is Dead [Podcast]

Kyle Lacy

Couldn't make it to The Uberflip Experience this year? Fear not! We'll be publishing a few of the best sessions on the podcast. We have also created an encore experience to give you session summaries, slides, and videos from the event. 

In this episode, learn from Kyle Lacy about why we are not the CEO or VP of sales, the head of marketing, or the customer support manager, we are experience makers and managers and why the only thing that makes us relevant are the experiences we provide. 

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Guest bio: 

Kyle is the Head of Marketing at OpenView Ventures where he leads a team of writers, designers, and digital marketing experts. Prior to OpenView, Kyle headed up content at Salesforce and ExactTarget. He is a published author, whose work includes Twitter Marketing for Dummies,Branding Yourself, and Social CRM for Dummies

Episode breakdown: 

  • What does marketing need to do to survive?
    • Disruptive trend #1: Mobility
    • Disruptive trend #2: Whoever own the audience the owns the market
    • Disruptive trend #3: The rise of machines (machine learning)
  • How marketing needs to evolve
    • Evolution 1: Embracing the 5 Ps of Marketing Survival

    • Evolution 2: Your UXperience matters

      • Only 1% of companies deliver a good UX experiences

    • Evolution 3: It’s not content marketing. It’s thought leadership.

      • 4 types of thought leadership

    • Evolution 4: Die engagement metrics! Long live unit economics!

    • Evolution 5: Data cleanse is more important than any trend

  • How does marketing efficiently manage data?

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