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Make That First Impression Count: Connecting Design and Marketing [Podcast]

Flip the Switch Julie Parenteau

Design is key in creating and properly representing your brand. Julie Parenteau Owner, Brand Strategist & Graphic Designer of My Pigs Fly explains how to create that initial appeal and attraction and tips for collaborating design and marketing.

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Guest bio: 

Julie has nearly twenty years of experience in all facets of print and digital graphics, website design and development, and expertise in event and large-scale installation graphics. She currently is the owner of My Pigs Fly and has a background working in branding and design for various companies from small business to enterprise. 

Episode breakdown: 

  • How to manage the relationship between design & marketing

  • Recheck “feel”: “It’s all about feel and attraction – that’s what design is for me.”

  • The initial hook that design has for marketing

  • The importance of a style guide for design & brand

  • Creating enticing design for boring industries

  • Where should design live in an org

  • Perks of in-house vs. freelance vs. agency

  • Knowing the ownership of your work and where that line is


The 4 Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz

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