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Jay Baer On Why You Should Embrace Complaints & Hug Your Haters [Podcast]

Flip the Switch

80% of businesses believe they are providing great customer service while only 8% of customers agree. Customers are starting to embrace connecting with companies publicly to air their complaints, thus becoming haters.

This week, we speak with Jay Baer to dive into strategies to turn your haters into lovers and why you should embrace the complaints to provide better customer service. 

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Guest bio: 

Jay Baer is an experienced pro in the fields of marketing and customer service. Jay frequently gives amazing keynote presentations around the world and has been an advisor to more than 700 companies.

Jay founded Convince & Convert, a strategy consulting firm that gives companies insights and ammo to gain and keep more customers with the help of technology, social media, and customer service. His podcast, Social Pros, has been named the number 1 marketing podcast and he is a best-selling author who recently released a new book, Hug Your Haters

Episode breakdown: 

  • Why write a book about customer service?
  • Who is ultimately responsible for the customer experience in companies & how involved should marketing be
  • Why customer service is a spectator sport
  • The reason why companies are getting away with poor customer service
  • Embracing public-facing customer service
  • The value of customer retention vs. new customers
  • Soliciting negative feedback – the why and how
  • Metrics for evaluating customer success
  • The different types of "haters" and how to deal with them
  • Do feed the trolls – why you shouldn't ignore anyone, even the "crazies"
  • The future of customer service


Connect with Jay:

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