Getting the Big Fish to Bite: Demand Gen for Enterprises [Podcast]

November 22, 2016 Uberflip Hub

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Sprinklr has grown rapidly over the past few years. Their main focus is landing Enterprise accounts which relies heavily on demand gen efforts. In this episode, we hear from Brian Kotlyar, AVP of Demand Generation, on how he and his team land the big deals. 

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Guest bio: 

Brian has experience building or managing pretty much every marketing discipline in high-growth B2B technology. He currently heads up demand generation at Sprinklr and his past roles include time at GLG, 451Research, Staples, and Bose Corporation. He knows the B2B tech space inside and out and is a huge proponent of building strong relationships between sales, marketing, and success.

Episode breakdown: 

  • What demand gen looks like at Sprinklr

  • Transitioning to customer lifecycle marketing

  • The relationship between demand and customer success

  • How to focus on content for enterprises

  • “Everything can be content.”

  • Given the hype around ABM, how have strategies evolved

  • Advantages of having BDRs in marketing vs. sales

  • Attribution of lead sources

  • Better reporting cadence for enterprises

  • Marketing technology: Sprinklr’s marketing stack & how to evaluate tech


Connect with Brian:

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