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Review Flip the Switch on iTunes for Your Chance to Win!

Flip the Switch iTunes Review Contest

We just launched our weekly marketing podcast, Flip the Switch, and we want to know what you think!

Leave a review of Flip the Switch on iTunes for your chance to win a pair of Uberflippin’ pink* headphones (for optimal podcast listening, of course!). Hat tip to Unbounce for the awesome giveaway prize idea!

Pink Headphones


BONUS: In addition to entering for the headphones giveaway, the first 20 people to leave a review and enter the contest will receive a free copy of Jay Baer’s new book, Hug Your Haters.

How to enter

Entering our Flip the Switch giveaway is easy! Follow the steps below.

1. Head over to Flip the Switch on iTunes.

2. If you're on a desktop, select “View in iTunes”.

3. Select “Ratings and Reviews”.

4. Select “Write a Review”, and write your review. Take note of your nickname and the title of your review.

5. IMPORTANT: Fill out the form below to officially enter the contest. (Please include your iTunes nickname and the title of your review so we can identify your review.)

You’re done! We’ll be in touch if you’re a winner. Good luck! :)

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Flip the Switch