The Demand for Demand Gen: Everything from Tactics to Metrics [Podcast]

July 26, 2016 Uberflip Hub

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Stef Miller, Director of Marketing at Everwise, is a marketer who does it all – everything from UX to content to product. Today we touched upon multiple different aspects of her career and experience with a strong focus on everything demand gen. 

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Guest bio: 

Stef is an experienced marketer currently working as the Director of Marketing for Everwise and is the co-founder of Thinktapp, a content-focused digital marketing agency. She has dabbled in multiple areas of marketing, from content to UX to product to demand gen and everything in between.

Episode breakdown: 

  • Understanding all aspects of marketing to become a better marketer

  • How are CMOs adapting to the new landscape and to stay in touch with their teams

  • Building out your marketing team: generalists vs. specialists

  • The T-Shaped marketer

  • Defining demand generation

  • Simplifying the explanation of marketing to the executive team and the company

  • Framework for generating more demand

  • Reporting on key metrics – what to look at and what to do with it

  • Cohort & multi-touch tracking – yay or nay?

  • Interacting with sales teams at different sized companies

  • Communicating the path of an inbound lead vs. an outbound lead

  • Finding a marketing mentor for better professional growth


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