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How to Use Data to Improve Content & Increase Conversions [Podcast]

Shanelle Mullin

Content marketing shouldn't be all about writing – data is #1 for creating a successful content strategy. Listen to Shanelle Mullin, content & growth manager at ConversionXL, talk about better ways to get conversions with a data-driven approach. 

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Guest bio: 

Shanelle has been in the marketing space since she was just 15. She used her skills in copywriting, PPC, and SEO help a small startup grow into a million dollar revenue-generating company. Since then, she has become a strong marketing and PR generalist with a strong focus on influencer marketing and a knack for conversions. She now works in content and growth for ConversionXL where you can find her work on their blog. 

Episode breakdown: 

  • How content marketers can focus on increasing their conversion rates

  • “‘Write on what you know’ seems like a very straightforward statement, but I don’t think a lot of people do it.”

  • Writing what you know and committing to quality

  • Importance of qualitative research

  • Creating CTAs that actually offer something useful

  • Conversion doesn’t stop after a lead becomes a customer

  • Bad habits & lazy marketing

  • Doing quality assurance for better conversions

  • What you need to know about segmenting

  • “Growth tornadoes” vs. linear funnels

  • Conversion optimization for the layman


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