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Content, Public Speaking & How A Little Bit Of Crazy Goes A Long Way [Podcast]

Flip the Switch Podcast

Building a marketing strategy and team from the ground up takes a lot of patience, energy, and dedication...and maybe a little bit of crazy mixed in. In this episode of Flip the Switch, we speak with Oli Gardner, Co-founder of Unbounce, to discuss how he went from being a one-person marketing team to becoming an authority on landing pages and conversion optimization. 

Learn how with the help of content and getting over fears of public speaking, you too can become a thought leader in your space. 

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Guest bio: 

Oli is a co-founder of Unbounce and has possibly seen more landing pages than any other human on the planet. He helped Unbounce grow to become the go-to destination for landing page building and now focuses on speaking around the world at marketing conferences. 

He is an energetic and entertaining speaker with a deep breadth of knowledge on conversion optimization. 

Episode breakdown: 

  • Becoming the resident marketer for Unbounce

  • Growing a company with the help of content marketing

  • Microcontent: a curated choose-your-own-adventure

  • The most underrated skill for marketers

  • Why marketers need to take risks and innovate

  • Joining the speaker circuit and getting over stage fright

  • Integrating entertainment and education into presentations

  • Immediately grabbing your audience’s attention

  • How bad slides can ruin a presentation

  • Gauging a successful presentation

  • Tips for better comedic timing – “Sometimes you have to stand there and shut up”

  • How often should you refresh a presentation?

  • What event organizers can do to create a better experience for speakers

  • See how far you can take your stage presence


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