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Confessions of a Do-it-All Marketer [Podcast]

Flip the Switch DJ Waldow

Most of us marketers don't have unlimited resources so we have to wear multiple different hats. Listen to this episode to hear how DJ Waldow, Director of Marketing at Zignal Labs, built up a team from just 2 marketers by getting his hands dirty. 

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Guest bio: 

DJ is the Director of Marketing at Zignal Labs and previously worked as the Marketing Evangelist at Marketo. DJ knows a lot about a lot which is why he makes a great do-it-all marketer, especially when it comes to building a small team up for success. 

Episode breakdown: 

  • Lessons marketers can learn from teachers

  • What it means to be a marketing evangelist

  • Building up a team and tech stack when you join a new company

  • Why you should consider implementation time when building your stack

  • A glimpse inside Zignal Labs’ marketing stack

  • Juggling strategy and execution as a marketing director

  • “You can have the best strategy in the world, but if you’re not executing it doesn’t really matter.”

  • Importance of AB testing your ads and content

  • Creating visibility of all that marketing does in your company

  • Prioritizing marketing to-dos with incoming requests

  • Knowledge sharing with other marketers


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