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Content Culture: How to Add Your Entire Company to Your Content Team [Podcast]

Flip the Switch

Content creation shouldn't just fall on your marketing team. Every employee has their own unique voice and input which makes for great, fresh content. This week, we spoke with Greg Ciotti about how he created a content culture at Help Scout.

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Guest bio: 

Gregory Ciotti is a member of the marketing team at Help Scout, a customer support software which just so happens to have amazing content. Along with the Help Scout blog, Gregory has written for websites such as and Huffington Post. You can check out his personal website to get weekly blog posts. 

Episode breakdown: 

  • Creating a culture of content – why you need it and how to do it

  • Steps towards championing content across the organization

  • The importance of creating a style guide

  • Team writing & getting a post “to the finish line”

  • Finding motivators to get new authors & overcoming barriers

  • Always be teaching

  • Using email in B2B content marketing

  • Broadening topics for your company’s blog


Connect with Gregory:

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