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Say This, Not That: Why Positioning Matters and How to Do It [Podcast]

April Dunford Flip the Switch podcast

Your marketing tactics may vary depending on if you’re at a startup or large enterprise, but the importance of positioning will always be a constant. Join us and April Dunford, CEO of Sprintly, as we talk B2B positioning & marketing.

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Guest bio: 

April is the CEO at, an agile project management tool. Over her career, April has worked with multiple startups and large corporations alike, running their sales and marketing teams. Her sweet spot is consulting early-stage tech companies (her background is in engineering, after all) and helping them grow.

Episode breakdown: 

  • From engineering to marketing: learning marketing “stuff” with no marketing background

  • Leveling up marketing efforts in large organizations

  • Why you should be running experiments, no matter your org size

  • The value of autonomy for creativity and growth

  • Positioning your brand/product in 4 ways

  • Differentiating and establishing value

  • Creating a hook that intrigues buyers

  • How customer interviews can give you more insight than you could imagine

  • Why CEOs should maintain a growth & marketing mindset

  • Product development is the purest form of marketing

  • Nobody wants to run a great business as it is – they want to grow!

  • Finding your niche buyer – why you don’t have to sell to everyone


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