Bothered by Suck: Becoming An Exceptional Marketer [Podcast]

November 29, 2016 Uberflip Hub

Jay Acunzo

It's becoming easier to be average. Jay Acunzo, Founder & Host of Unthinkable, shares his thoughts on why marketers need to strive for exceptional (and why we all inherently have it in us). In this episode we touch upon getting outside of the echo chamber and creating great work.

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Guest bio: 

Jay Acunzo makes things to help makers. Today, he does this as creator and host of Unthinkable, a show about people who made the leap between what logic said to do and what their intuition urges them to try.  Jay also writes regularly on his personal blog, Sorry for Marketing.

Episode breakdown: 

  • Unthinkable podcast: why was this topic lacking? When did you decide to do something?

  • “It’s never been easier to be average”

  • Becoming exceptional - how to go against conventions

  • Sameness in content and email

  • How to break out of the cycle?

  • Gathering perspectives from outside your echo chamber

  • “Different can be better than better”

  • How to get buy in for crazy new ideas and balance this with your regular tasks

  • Constraints breed better creativity - set up the box with your team but stay out of the box (managers)

  • Process for a podcast from conception to publish

  • Examples of exceptional companies in an industry of sameness


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