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Go-to-Market Teams, Using Sprints for Marketing & Why Brand Marketers Need to Step Up [Podcast]

Go-to-market podcast

Do you have a go-to-market team or a marketing team? Does it even matter? Join us and Kyle Lacy, Head of Marketing at OpenView Ventures, as we discuss why you should adopt a go-to-market approach, start using sprints, and stepping up your branding game.

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Guest bio: 

Kyle is the Head of Marketing at OpenView Ventures where he leads a team of writers, designers, and digital marketing experts. Prior to OpenView, Kyle headed up content at Salesforce and ExactTarget. He is a published author, whose work includes Twitter Marketing for Dummies, Branding Yourself, and Social CRM for Dummies

Episode breakdown: 

  • Building a marketing team vs. a go-to-marketing team

  • Why the BDR/SDR team should live on the marketing team

  • Product development is the purest form of marketing

  • How the technology structure of marketing teams has changed how marketers function

  • True thought leadership & the importance of market research

  • “Content driven by data is by far the best marketing.”

  • Experiential research with limited budgets

  • Importance of continuous rapid improvement for teams & goals to go along with it

  • Sprints for marketing teams

  • Be mindful with your branding: awareness is good, awareness + value is better

  • Get out of the meeting room – learn about selling your product to market it better


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