Uberflip CTA Best Practice Guide

Want to generate results? You need a great call-to-action! Whether it’s directing traffic to another page on your website, or asking for visitor information in exchange for a valuable resource, calls-to-action are every marketer's best friend and critical to the content experience.

Form and Link CTAs in Uberflip allow you to guide visitors through the buyer journey strategically and prove the ROI of your content marketing. In this high-level best practice overview, we’ll cover:

1. The difference between Link and Form CTAs

2. Where in your Hub you can place them

3. How to create compelling copy and designs

4. Managing your fields

5. Getting metrics and insights on CTA performance

Once you’ve begun to focus on improving your content’s environment, structure, and engagement, you’ll start to see it reach its full potential!

Visit Uberflip Help to access more how-to guides and troubleshooting articles, or to contact Uberflip Support. 

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