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Uberflip Launches Marketplace to Unify the Martech Stack and Help Marketers Orchestrate the Buyer Journey

Today’s marketers rely heavily on technology to interact with buyers across the entire journey. They must be able to unify these technologies to unlock valuable data and enhance product capabilities. The ability to accomplish this allows them to design buyer journeys in a meaningful way that will generate demand and accelerate revenue. The Uberflip Marketplace was designed to be the place to do just that—a place for marketers to connect data sources, content formats, design templates, sales tools and more to create personalized campaign destinations their buyers can’t help but engage with.

The initial 40 apps and integrations in the Uberflip Marketplace deliver a wide range of possibilities when it comes to customizing content experiences across 11 categories, some of which include: Personalization, Trackers/Analytics, Embeddable Dashboards, UI/UX Enhancements, and API-Driven Integrations.

Key benefits of the Uberflip Marketplace include:

A Scalable Way to Customize Experiences

Personalization apps on the Uberflip Marketplace leverage intent data to drive better buyer engagement by dynamically personalizing Uberflip Streams with custom branding, messaging, and content. Apps available in the Uberflip Marketplace include: 

  • 6sense—Deliver dynamic, highly personalized content experiences by leveraging 6sense's patented company identification capabilities, deep account insights, and AI-driven predictions of account buying stages.
  • Bombora—Artificial intelligence coupled with intent data brings marketers the ability to personalize content that drives deeper engagement and increased conversion rates.
  • Demandbase—B2B marketers can create personalized experiences for their ABM campaigns at scale that dynamically update in real-time with Uberflip within Demandbase’s end-to-end ABM platform.
  • Clearbit—Using Clearbit data, customers can dynamically filter Uberflip Streams to only show items that match data, creating hyper-personalized marketing campaigns for visitors.

A More Integrated Marketing Stack

The Uberflip Marketplace makes it easy for martech companies to integrate their platforms with Uberflip, giving customers more options and flexibility to connect their full martech stack. Companies joining the Uberflip Marketplace include:

  • Drift—Deploy Drift on Uberflip Marketing Streams to spark timely sales conversations, capture leads, and trigger personalized workflows. 
  • Cloudwords—Automate the localization process of content to build multilingual content experiences and drive global demand generation. 
  • Sigstr—a Terminus Brand—Connects content experiences to every email sent by employees. It also lets you measure how many views, form submissions, contacts, and customers won are sourced from Sigstr.

The apps are easy to configure and will give customers the ability to quickly customize the look and feel of content experiences without having to go through custom development. This also allows customers to scale development resources beyond their internal team, encompassing development teams from other high-performing martech solutions creating faster innovation, better-connected martech stacks, and more high-demand features.

Uberflip customers and partners can begin to take advantage of their apps and integrations today. To learn more about the Uberflip Marketplace, click here.

Read the full press release.