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Brainrider, Quarry, and Marketo Take Home Uberflip’s Inaugural Partner of the Year Awards

Last month, Uberflip kicked off our inaugural partner awards program by honoring three of our very best service and tech partners. Each partner proved themselves as leaders, changing the way Uberflip supports marketers to create better content experiences. We had the pleasure of presenting two service partner and one technology partner award at The Content Experience conference in Toronto, August 22-23rd, 2017.

“Partners are an integral part of the success of any business,” said Randy Frisch, President and CMO of Uberflip. “When you look at best-in-class SaaS companies and so many others that have accomplished amazing things, the reality is they’ve gotten there not just because of their software alone, but because of the ecosystem they’ve grown and cultivated. At Uberflip, we recognize and celebrate the value of our partner ecosystem.”

Services Partner of the Year: Quarry

Quarry was selected as Services Partner of the Year for their development of services that support Uberflip customers to gain deeper buyer insights, conceive and create remarkable content experiences, and architect custom solutions for integrating Uberflip into existing tech stacks. They are a trusted advisor to Uberflip on how modern marketers are approaching Demand Transformation.

“Our agency helps modern B2B marketers design and deliver remarkable brand experiences to get and grow more customers,” said Richard Hill, Managing Director, Demand Generation with B2B agency at Quarry. “And more than ever, that means creating great content experiences, especially for complex buying journeys. Uberflip’s ability to easily aggregate owned and third-party content is helping our agency help our clients deliver more customer-centric, context-driven content experiences across the buying journey. The addition of Uberflip to Quarry’s martech stack partner ecosystem is proving to be a great fit—for our agency and our clients.”

“Quarry has led a complete transformation in the way our mutual customers approach the content experience,” said Frisch. “They're experts in digital brand transformation and we are constantly impressed by the strategic insight Quarry brings to our customers’ content decisions, bringing simplicity to complex buying journeys.”

An expert team of savvy strategists, creative minds and marketing technologists, Quarry is dedicated to re-imagining the moments B2B brands create to move B2B buyers forward, faster. To get there, they start with deep insights into how buying groups buy. They attract, engage and mobilize the right person, with the right experiences, at the right time in the buying journey. And they power—at scale—with leading martech platform partners, like Uberflip.

Services Partner of the Year: Brainrider

Brainrider was chosen as a Services Partner of the Year for developing an innovative model to help businesses maximize the benefits of both Uberflip and Pardot. Brainrider built a complete content engagement scoring model that is tied to a client’s sales and marketing funnel.

“Brainrider has helped our Pardot customers leverage the power of great content experiences by supporting them to think and act more strategically about the way they’re using Uberflip with Pardot,” said Frisch. “ Brainrider’s partnership and expertise have allowed Uberflip to become an integrated part of our customer’s demand generation strategy.”

"Our agency is focused very much on delivering pipeline results for our clients, and we’ve found that the value that Uberflip brings folds right into our pipeline marketing models,” said Jon Kane, Senior Programs Manager at Brainrider. “It was easy to make them a part of our process, and we love working with the Uberflip team to deliver results for our clients."

Brainrider is a full-service B2B marketing agency, specializing in Pardot, that helps businesses build and optimize their marketing and sales pipelines. They work with mid-size B2B businesses to improve marketing automation and CRM efficiency, optimize websites, develop customer-centric content and brand identity -- all with the objective of improving pipeline health and driving revenue generation.

Technology Partner of the Year: Marketo 

Marketo was chosen as Technology Partner of the Year for their commitment to helping Uberflip customers fuel their demand generation engines through an integrated system of marketing technology. Uberflip and Marketo have a long-standing partnership and Uberflip is one of five inaugural partners in Marketo’s Accelerate program designed to bring together innovative applications that when combined with Marketo will enable enterprises to listen, learn, and engage with their buyers in personalized and authentic ways.

"We look for partners that are innovative, that understand that the world of marketing technology is changing so much and so rapidly. And we want partners who understand how to connect and engage with marketers in new ways," said Lara Shackelford, Global Head of Partner Marketing, Marketo. "Uberflip has the incredible potential to get the right content into the hands of prospects at the right time and drive more valued conversations."

“Our partnership with Marketo is focused on transforming today’s marketing teams so that they’re empowered to deliver great content experiences,” said Frisch. “The new Engagement Economy puts relevant content experiences front and center. Our collaboration with Marketo means that together, across our platforms, marketers can better engage their audiences through meaningful content experiences and develop long-term, personalized relationships to own the journey.”

Marketo offers the leading Engagement Platform that empowers marketers to create lasting relationships and grow revenue. Consistently recognized as the industry's innovation pioneer, Marketo is the trusted platform for thousands of CMOs thanks to its scalability, reliability, and openness. By integrating Uberflip’s Content Experience Platform with the Marketo Engagement Platform, marketers have the ability to create, manage, and optimize personalized content experiences at every stage of the buyer journey.

To learn more about our Partner Program, click here.

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