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How a Content Marketing Company Does Content Marketing

You've invested in content marketing. You're consistently publishing valuable content that's relevant to your audience, but you're still not hitting your targets. What gives?

The truth is, even if your team is pumping out great content week after week, great content isn't enough. It's just as important to focus on the experience in which your content lives. Building a content experience that's responsive, strategically organized, and optimized for lead generation can dramatically improve your content's performance.

Optimizing the content experience to meet your marketing team's goals is critical to scaling your lead generation efforts. In this presentation, Uberflip's Hana Abaza explains how our marketing team leverages Uberflip to boost engagement, generate more leads and fuel marketing automation.

You’ll learn:

  • How to better organize and present your content to get more leads
  • How to integrate CTAs with your marketing automation
  • How to measure and optimize your content's performance

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