Lights, Camera, Call-To-Action: What Makes People Click And Convert [Infographic]

call to action infographic

You’ve got an amazing website, your blog gets a ton of qualified traffic, and thousands of people follow you through social channels. However, none of this is converting into more sales. What are you doing wrong? It may actually be what you’re not doing.

Calls-to-action are the final element that will convert users to subscribers and then into customers. They're the ultimate stars of your conversion journey. Are you effectively guiding people through your sales funnel? Do they have a reason to buy your product? What are the best practices for successful call-to-actions?

Our latest infographic explains how CTAs work and describes the 6 traits that make them click-worthy. Take a look below!

Key insights:

Calls-to-action must prompt users to make a decision - Tweet it

The relevancy of the content around a CTA is crucial for users to click on it - Tweet it

In order to increase conversions, each element of a CTA must be continually tested - Tweet it


CTA infographic

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José Antonio Sánchez

José Antonio Sánchez is Director of Marketing at Limelight Platform.

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