Content Roundup: Color Psychology, Reaching Your Invisible Audience, And More

This week's #ContentRoundup includes an infographic about color psychology, how to reach your invisible audience, SEO myths, and more!


How Big Businesses Use Colors to Affect Your Emotions [Infographic]

Nothing illustrates the power of color psychology quite like seeing how the biggest brands are applying it. Study some real life examples here, and find out how much it cost to create Nike's famous logo (hint: less than $50) in this informative infographic.


Why Your Social Media Posts Are More Popular Than You Think: Inside the Invisible Audience


Your audience is bigger than you think. Check out this in-depth look into the invisible audience you might not know about. 


7 Lies About SEO You Probably Believe

Search engines are constantly evolving. As a result, stagnant information has resulted in more than a few modern day myths about SEO. Update your knowledge of SEO with this informative blog post by Neil Patel. 


How And Why To Write Persuasive, Research-Backed Content

Researched facts speak to our logic, one of the pillars of persuasion. This piece discusses different ways you can use data to create convincing, trustworthy content (backed by research, of course).


Introduction to Eye Tracking: Optimizing Your Content for How People Read [Infographic]

Part of creating an engaging experience for your audience is making it easy on the eyes. This infographic provides insight into creating a more user-friendly design by looking at the natural movement of our eyes.  


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