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The Avengers of Content Marketing

Avengers of Content Marketing

As content marketers, it’s important to always try out new things in order to best reach our audiences. At Uberflip, we’ve experimented with video in the past, but have recently decided to step up our game in a big way. Forget overview videos and support guides: We’re going Hollywood, baby!

It’s no secret that we love superheroes. So we got to thinking - why not create a superhero movie ourselves? We did just that by writing the world’s first marketing screenplay: The Avengers of Content Marketing! Only, instead of casting A-list celebrities, we’re calling on the top players in content marketing to team up and fight the good fight. Check out our picks below.

Zapier as Nick Fury

Assembling the Avengers is no easy feat, but that’s precisely what Nick Fury - lead agent of the espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D. - has set out to do. Convincing the best of the best to join forces requires a lot of determination, patience and charisma. Fortunately, this was an easy choice for us. Zapier connects hundreds of apps and enables you to use them to their full potential. Whether you need to send registrants from GoToWebinar to a HubSpot List or a note in Salesforce to trigger a campaign in Marketo, Zapier has a seemingly infinite number of ways to combine your apps into super forces.

Marketo as Iron Man

Tony Stark is an incredibly wealthy businessman, though is perhaps equally well-known for being a suave playboy. Fascinated with high-tech, he utilizes his inventions in order to become Iron Man. For this role, our first pick was Marketo. Marketo is definitely able to charm the who’s who of content marketing and beyond. Marketing all-stars turned up to their party at SXSW, and they even got Hillary Clinton to speak at their Marketing Nation Summit this year. Beyond their glamorous lifestyle, their product features some of the highest tech out there in order to help manage your inbound leads. 

PRWeb (Vocus) as Captain America

Frozen since World War II, Captain America has resurfaced in the modern world and is trying to adapt. Much like Captain America, PRWeb comes from a very different time. Though publishing press releases and other news items is still important, it is now part of a much broader marketing strategy. PRWeb has adapted to these changes by teaming up with Vocus in order to become an all-in-one marketing solution. Now you are able to send out a press release and track its success all within the same platform. 

HootSuite as The Hulk

After an experiment-gone-wrong, everyday scientist Bruce Banner can abruptly transform into a rampaging machine. So, for the role of The Hulk, we needed someone who can make a huge impact with only a moment’s notice. In this way, HootSuite is the Hulk of social media. It allows you to take charge of your social media accounts and use them in unprecedented ways: Post to all of your accounts at once, schedule posts in advance, monitor certain keywords, or integrate with one of the many tools in their app directory (like Uberflip!). In the cluttered and noisy world of social media, HootSuite enables you to get your brand noticed.

MailChimp as Thor

Thor’s story is one of redemption. After being banished from his homeland, Thor learned humility and is looking for redemption. He now fights the good fight, using his immensely powerful hammer as his weapon of choice. For our movie, we chose MailChimp to play this God of Thunder. In the same way that Thor was banished, many marketers dismissed email as an essential part of their strategy, thinking that it was outdated and ineffective. Using its powerful campaign management software, it has proved that email is not dead but, in fact, thriving more than ever. Don’t believe it? Try setting up a campaign and see exactly how many people opened it, what links were clicked and more!

HubSpot as Black Widow

Black Widow is a highly-skilled assassin and spy who draws from her extensive arsenal of specialized weapons to help her fellow Avengers. HubSpot is very much the Black Widow of content marketing, which is why we chose it for this role. It keeps a close watch over your leads by drawing from its many tools: landing pages, email campaigns, call-to-actions, social network publishing and more. These all feed into its powerful marketing automation platform, which will help you ultimately turn those leads into customers.

Uberflip as Hawkeye

In addition to making our directorial debut, we wanted to show off our acting chops as well. In our Avengers movie, we’ve cast ourselves as Hawkeye. This Avenger is regarded as the greatest marksman on Earth, which is what we like to think of ourselves in the world of content marketing. Using a Hub, Uberflip lets you create marketing streams of content that are relevant to specific buyer personas, products, verticals and more. This ensures that visitors are greeted with the content that interests them the most, where they’ll also find highly targeted call-to-actions that will compel them to perform an action of your choice (submit their contact info or click a link). This all helps you leverage your content to reach the right people at just the right moment and get more leads.

Agree with our casting choices? Think others would be better suited as Avengers? Let us know in the comments below!