Content Roundup: Marketing Automation Edition

June 13, 2014 Hayley Mullen

This week's #ContentRoundup is all about marketing automation! Whether you're new to the marketing automation game, a seasoned user, or just want to learn something new, check out these articles from 5 of the top marketing automation providers (and find even more in Top 10 Marketing Automation Resources).


Marketo: Just Bought Marketing Automation? 9 Pro Tips for Success 

Hit the ground running with these 9 tips for marketing automation domination, from installing tracking codes to sharing the data wealth. 

If you're a Marketo user, here's a top 10 list of Marketo integrations to add more fuel to your marketing automation. 


HubSpot: [HubSpot Hack] Extend HubSpot's Capabilities with These Integrations


HubSpot has a ton of integrations to enhance your marketing automation experience. Here are 7 "HubSpot Hacks" that will do just that!

Full disclosure: We're in this list and proud to be in great company! It also details a special promo we're running for HubSpot users, so be sure to give it a look.


Pardot: Mapping Content to the Buyer’s Journey


Knowing your buyer personas and buyer's journey are key for effective targeting. Here, Pardot offers a worksheet to help you outline what type of content should go to who, and when. 


Infusionsoft: Why Guess When You Can Test?


Are you leaving your marketing up to fate? Take control with these testing tips, tools and even reading suggestions from Infusionsoft.


Eloqua: How to Get Away Without Leaving Your Demand Gen Behind


Let your vacation actually be a vacation this summer! Eloqua has created a fun infographic listing the steps you can  take to prepare for time away -- without your marketing and demand generation taking a break with you.

Pssst...while you're laying on the beach, why not learn a little something? Check out 10 Beach Reads That Will Make Your Summer Smarter.

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