50% of Companies Use More Than One Marketing Automation Tool – What’s Missing?

February 5, 2014 Uberflip

Toronto, Canada February 5, 2014


Marketing automation tools have become a must-have in today’s digital world, but the true power lies in leveraging the tools that integrate with them. Uberflip, leading content marketing platform, announces their integration with marketing automation powerhouse Marketo, so companies can increase engagement and lead generation.

There’s no denying the impact that marketing automation has had on both modern marketers and consumers. Among the heavy hitters in the space is Marketo, with thousands of customers, over 25 billion campaigns managed and an annual revenue growth rate of 3,545% up to 2011.

But Marketo, like others in the space, relies on a plethora of companies that integrate with their product in order to provide a cohesive experience for marketers and their audiences. It’s estimated that 50% of companies use more than one marketing automation tool, and more use them in conjunction with other integrations. Even digital giants like HootSuite are quick to integrate with Marketo and leverage other powerful Marketo integrations.

According to Yoav Schwartz, founder and CEO of content marketing platform Uberflip, this is the reason why the company launched its Uberflip / Marketo integration. “Marketo is an incredibly powerful tool – and a necessary one for today’s modern marketer.” The Uberflip integration amplifies the power of Marketo so companies can leverage content marketing into a truly useful business tool.

“Today’s modern marketer understands that tailoring content is an essential component of lead generation,” says Jon Miller, VP Marketing and co-founder of Marketo. “Uberflip’s platform provides a slick front-end experience which seamlessly funnels actionable data to your Marketo leads.”

Uberflip focuses on making content perform by centralizing your content into one immersive experience. After creating your Uberflip content Hub, you can then tailor specific content streams targeted to a topic, product, persona, or even an event. “The key differentiator is that we’re not just a content aggregator – we’re focused on business results, which means increasing your engagement metrics and giving marketers the ability to strategically place CTAs [call-to-actions] throughout their content – no IT required,” continues Schwartz.

Through the integration, Uberflip provides Marketo users with a 360 degree view of how their content is performing. By passing key behavioral data to Marketo and capturing contact information via Uberflip CTAs, companies can:

Get a better understanding of how people interact with their content
Identify top converting content and compare different content types
Trigger Marketo campaigns instantly when a user completes an Uberflip CTA
Enhance lead scoring, ultimately passing better qualified leads to their sales team

For more detailed information about the Uberflip / Marketo integration and a list of other tools within the Marketo ecosystem, please visit the Marketo Launchpoint page.

About Uberflip

Uberflip makes content perform by centralizing it into one immersive experience, increasing key engagement metrics and generating more leads. By creating an Uberflip content Hub, you can include blog articles, social media, videos, eBooks and more into a beautiful and responsive interface with strategically placed, dynamic CTAs – no IT required.

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