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Finding Courage in Healthcare Messaging

Messaging in healthcare is all about humanity, but many companies miss the mark by not appealing to consumers’ emotions, which limits engagement and stunts campaign performance. In this interview, we’re joined by Theo Romeo, Creative Director at Intelligent Demand, to unpack the state of content marketing in the healthcare industry. In this video, listen to what he has to say, or read the highlights from the interview's transcript.

About Theo Romeo:

Theo oversees Intelligent Demand’s Creative Department and works with other practice areas to architect integrated campaign messaging and content strategies. Theo is routinely demanding to know more about prospects’ pain points, your unique value proposition, and the best way to address both in your campaign’s messaging architecture. He has created the messaging strategy and executed copy on more than a handful of award-winning integrated demand generation programs. 

When Theo’s not drawing funnels on whiteboards or rolling his eyes at the myriad ineffective marketing emails he receives daily, he’s making classy moonshine and singing songs about his dogs to his dogs. 

About Intelligent Demand:

Intelligent Demand (ID) is a full service revenue agency that helps our clients find, keep and grow relationships with their ideal customers. We give our clients the capabilities they need to expertly connect marketing budgets to measurable business impact, and permanently transform how they grow revenue. Learn more at