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A Picture is Worth 1000 Words: How to Create a Visual Content Strategy [Podcast]

Amrita Chandra

Visual content isn't only about creating infographics. Head of Marketing at CrowdRiff, Amrita Chandra, shares ways to create a visual content strategy and even how to get user generated content (visual or otherwise).

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Guest bio: 

Amrita has been the head of marketing at multiple startups since 2000. During this time, she has developed domain expertise in positioning and strategy, demand generation, inbound marketing, and customer/community marketing as well as soft skills around structuring and managing teams, managing department budgets, hiring and nurturing talent. She currently runs marketing at CrowdRiff, where she has become a thought leader in the visual content space

Episode breakdown: 

  • The role of visual content for brands

  • Photo stories vs. written stories

  • Defining your visual brand identity

  • Where design sits: structuring your organization

  • User-generated content tips

  • Creating content at events

  • Building visual content into your overall content strategy

  • Types of stories that lend themselves to visual content


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