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Thriving In The Expression Economy [Podcast]

Ron Tite FTS

Couldn't make it to The Uberflip Experience this year? Fear not! We'll be publishing a few of the best sessions on the podcast. Get notes for this talk plus all other UFX sessions, courtesy of Unbounce. 

This humorous and insightful presentation from Ron Tite, Founder & CEO of The Tite Group, highlights how organizations, and the individuals within them, win the battle for time – live from The Uberflip Experience.

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Guest bio: 

Named one of the “Top 10 Creative Canadians” by Marketing Magazine, Ron is an award-winning writer, advertising creative director, and highly sought after public speaker.

Montreal-born and Second City trained, Ron started The Tite Group 3 years ago with a vision to build a company that creates content people want to engage with – not have to engage with. 

Episode breakdown: 

  • The world is changing, so how does this change how we interact with customers?
  • How do we compete with other content taking up our customers' time?
    • Don't take the scenic route
    • Identify time-sucking maggots
    • Be a rebel with a cause
  • "A principle is only a principle when it costs you money."
  • Your stories are more important than your data

  • Adding value for your customers

  • Be a rockstar

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