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The Second Playbook: Alternative Strategies in B2B Marketing [Podcast]

David Cancel

Learn about alternative strategies in B2B marketing with David Cancel, founder and CEO at Drift. Understand the role of real-time messaging in future communications and the benefits of making content free for a more customer-centric approach.

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Guest bio: 

David Cancel, is founder and CEO at Drift, a messaging app that helps teams like sales and customer success communicate with prospects and customers in real time. Prior to founding Drift, David was the CPO at HubSpot and before that had founded several other companies all in the marketing/communications space.

Episode breakdown: 

  • Messaging technology is evolving at such a fast rate that sales and marketing need to adjust to these new trends

  • Marketers are using so much Martech that often the user experience can suffer as a result

  • Marketing teams need to focus on good foundational marketing

  • What are some challenges you have faced in your career?

  • Educating people on alternative strategies in B2B marketing and thinking outside the box

  • Marketers need to understand how their technology integrates and flows with the existing ecosystem

  • Details on Drift’s decision to kill all lead gen forms on their site and the amazing results they were able to achieve

  • Marketers tend to follow “the playbook” by default without asking “why” first.

  • After adopting the no gates approach, Drift published the Drift Marketing Manifesto to share their strategy for a customer-driven approach


Connect with David: 

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