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Selling Content to the C-Suite: You Have to Find Your Window [Podcast]

Flip the Switch

Couldn't make it to The Uberflip Experience this year? Fear not! We'll be publishing a few of the best sessions on the podcast. Get notes for this talk plus all other UFX sessions, courtesy of Unbounce. 

In this episode, Justin Gonzalez, Senior Marketing Manager at DoubleDutch, shared his tips for successfully proving the value of content marketing to executive teams. Learn how he found his window into the strategy table with content. 

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Guest bio: 

Justin Gonzalez is responsible for creating engaging content experiences by leveraging the power of marketing technology to educate audiences and accelerate business results at DoubleDutch. He is a self-proclaimed fearless marketing leader who believes the art of storytelling is magnified by tech to create lasting brand experiences.

Episode breakdown: 

  • Justin's journey into content marketing
  • Convincing boss that content was worth the effort
  • Assessing the visitor's path to becoming an opportunity
  • Finding a way to decrease CPL, increase organic traffic
  • How to fix these 3 problems:
    • Visibility into performance
    • Increasing engagement
    • Uploading new resources

Connect with Justin:

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