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How to Crush Your Growth Targets by Scaling Demand Generation [Podcast]

Flip the Switch Podcast

When an organization experiences growth, targets increase. Scaling your marketing efforts to reach aggressive targets isn't easy. Learn how Alex Shipillo, Director of Demand Generation at Influitive, scales his team's demand generation to reach their goals.

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Guest bio: 

Alex Shipillo wasn't always on board with the whole "demand gen thing" until he became the Director of Demand Generation at Influitive. Now Alex is a demand gen pro, helping the company scale through his team's efforts by working closely with sales and marketing to bring in the highest quality leads. He's a self-proclaimed startup junkie and growth marketing expert. Be sure to catch him speak on these topics! 

Episode breakdown: 

  • Tactics that work towards fueling demand gen

  • BOFU marketing and sales enablement

  • Ensuring alignment between sales and marketing (especially demand gen)

  • Challenges with scaling your goals for organization growth

  • “The more demand we create, the less it converts.”

  • Creating demand for a new category

  • Importance of booking meetings at events (and how to think outside of the box)

  • Influitive’s marketing tech stack


Connect with Alex:

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