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How PPC & Content Creation Affect Your Bottom Line [Podcast]

Flip the Switch

In this episode, founder of KlientBoost, Johnathan Dane, speaks about the growing importance of effective pay-per-click models in driving company growth. He also discusses content as a way to ensure prospects have a positive experience with your brand.

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Guest bio: 

Johnathan Dane, Founder & CEO of KlientBoost, loves AdWords and PPC and has been named "Conversion Marketer To Watch” by the Unbounce readers. His goal is to help businesses of all industries become better at advertising by teaching them about permission marketing and making it easier for their potential customers to find them. 

Episode breakdown:

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) as an integral part of any marketing strategy

  • The diverse goals and outcomes that can come from Google AdWords

  • Misconceptions about PPC ads for search

  • The growing relationship between connecting PPC ads to the sales cycle

  • How to optimize keyword choice

  • Recognizing channel temperature and intent of PPC on different social mediums

  • Growing importance of micro-commitments to propel CTA completion

  • How to eliminate friction points on landing pages

  • The major PPC search trends across the marketing space

  • Content as directly impacting lead generation and the bottom line

  • The difference between quick sales and growing brand equity

  • Leveraging personality as a selling point

  • Guest blogging in content strategy as a way to leverage larger audiences


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