Ho-ho-holiday Content Marketing: The Why, What & How [Podcast]

November 15, 2016 Uberflip Hub

Victoria Hoffman

The holidays are fast approaching! Is your content strategy ready? Hear from Uberflip's Content Marketing Manager, Victoria Hoffman, on her tips for making great holiday content and some examples of brands that are killing it.

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Guest bio: 

Victoria is a Content Marketing Manager at Uberflip where she spends her days creating content marketing for content marketers. When not executing Uberflip's content marketing strategy, she enjoys musicals, pizza, and puns.

Episode breakdown: 

  • Why even bother with holiday content?

  • Best examples of holiday content: the merry, merrier, and merriest

  • How to cut through the noise of all the other holiday content

  • How far in advance should you think about holiday content?

  • The trick to actually driving leads from your holiday content

  • How Uberflip does holiday content


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