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You’re Doing It Wrong: The Truth About Personalization, Spam, and Using Content to Serve [Podcast]

Flip the Switch

What you know about personalization, spam, and content is wrong. Learn from Litmus' Head of Growth, John Bonini, how you should be going about personalization, what spam really is, and how you can use content to serve. 

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Guest bio: 

John Bonini is a growth marketer and conversion copywriter passionate about creating more effective marketing for actual humans. A former journalist turned marketer, John currently heads growth at Litmus, an email testing and analytics software company helping marketers make email better.

Episode breakdown: 

  • What spam means to marketers vs. what it means to customers

  • How to avoid coming off as “spammy”

  • Personalization -- how to do it well (and how not to do it)

  • Email marketing fails that marketers need to stop doing

  • How writers who do marketing differ from marketers who write

  • Litmus’s approach to content strategy

  • Having a “servant” mentality when creating content


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