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Marketing Heavyweight: Talking Email, Content, Podcasts… and UFC? [Podcast]

Josh Nason

This week we enter the marketing ring with Josh Nason, an Email Reputation Manager at Dyn, who has had almost every job imaginable in the field. We take a deep dive into email, content, podcasts, and even talk a little bit about UFC.

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Guest bio: 

Josh Nason is an Email Reputation Manager for Dyn, an Internet Performance Management company based in Manchester, NH. Josh has been in email since 2007 and has worked on both the client side and the email service provider side of the business. He has worked primarily in marketing in both pro sports and tech for most of his career. He is also a senior editor & podcaster for, a paid content site focused on combat sports. 

Episode breakdown: 

  • Email marketing 101

  • Why having a giant email list isn’t always a good thing

  • How marketers can impact their deliverability

  • What is email reputation?

  • Adding value to transactional email sends

  • Standing out with your subject lines: how far should you go?

  • “You’re talking to other people, so act like it.”

  • How much content is too much content?

  • Best practices for starting your podcasting career

  • Standing out among market saturation

  • Is it too late for you to start a podcast?


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