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Convince with Simplicity vs. Complexity: The Components of a Powerful Presentation [Podcast]

Anil Dilawri

Sharpen your presentation skills with insights from Anil Dilawri, Managing Director of “Save it Like Sully,” a professional presentation and training company. Discover the common missteps to avoid and how to prepare a simple yet convincing presentation.

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Guest bio: 

Anil is Managing Director of Save it like Sully and specializes in strategic presentation organization, presentation coaching, and training. Anil is also the creator of The Ultimate Investor Pitch Guide, which is a video training series designed for startups.

Episode breakdown: 

  • Why do you specialize in professional presentation training?

  • Presentations are integral to our communication and help you gain credibility

  • What are the common missteps you see?

  • 1) Lack of effective preparation 2) Focusing on content rather than engagement 3) Slides that works against you rather than for you

  • Stand up and deliver your presentation at least once- “people can tell when you wing a presentation.”

  • Tips to prepare simple slides that will work for you

  • What are characteristics of a great presentation?

  • Organization, engagement, storytelling, simple slides and strong physical delivery (strategic use of feet, eyes, voice)

  • Tips on strategically moving in presentations

Favourite Presenters:

Jim Kouzes- Author of The Leadership Challenge

Sally Hogshead- Author of How To Fascinate

Clay Shirky- Associate Professor NYU, journalism


Presentation Zen- Garr Reynolds

Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead- Sheryl Sandberg

Connect with Anil: 

Linkedin: Anil Dilawri

Twitter: @SaveitlikeSully