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How Content Marketing Has Evolved: The Growing Importance of Experience [Podcast]

Yoav Schwartz FTS

Marketers are becoming complacent with the marketing space and the tools they work with. Listen to this episode to hear Yoav Schwartz, Co-founder and CEO of Uberflip, explain the growing importance of content experience and marketing best  practices.

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Guest bio: 

Yoav is CEO and co-founder of Uberflip, guiding the strategic vision and direction of the company, ensuring the user experience consistently delights customers. With over a decade of experience in product development and marketing, he knows what customers want and consistently delivers. Yoav is also a powerful speaker, advisor, and thought leader in the technology space.

Episode breakdown: 

  • Evolution of the content marketing space

  • Shift in hardships in content marketing

  • How do marketers leverage their content the best way possible?

  • Why content experience plays an important role in increasing engagement and lead generation

  • The distinction between websites and content distribution

  • Oversaturation of the marketing software industry as indicative of how complex marketing as a whole is

  • Marketing stacks are important tools, but they must integrate together and correctly for maximum effectiveness

  • The future of content marketing

  • The role content marketing can have across the whole buyer journey


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