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Analyze This: Utilizing Analytics & SEO for Better Content Marketing [Podcast]

Andy Crestodina quote: "It's the marketing of the content that separates the good from the great."

Analytics & SEO shouldn’t be afterthoughts in content marketing. Orbit Media co-founder, Andy Crestodina, joins us to discuss how content marketers can benefit from better analytic & SEO strategies plus challenges they may face.

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Guest bio: 

Andy Crestodina is the Co-founder and Strategic Director at Orbit Media. He has been in the marketing and digital space since 2000, and since then has helped hundreds of people and companies improve their online presences.

Andy is a renowned speaker, blogger, and author who is currently on the 3rd edition of his book, Content Chemistry. Need advice on analytics, SEO, or anything digital or content related? Andy's your guy. 

Episode breakdown: 

  • How most marketers are using analytics incorrectly

  • Best ways to measure and analyze content marketing

  • A/B testing for content and channels

  • “Ask a question, find an answer, and iterate on that”

  • Building out a process for analytics

  • Determining the purpose of your initiatives

  • Evidence-based decision-making

  • Common challenges for marketers regarding analytics & scaling content in general

  • Setting a publishing frequency

  • Dealing with “how long until I see the results?”

  • Content elements that can increase your conversion rates

  • Increase your conversion rate before you increase traffic

  • Some of the ways content marketers can leverage the interplay between content and SEO

  • How do I grow my authority?

  • Choosing what to focus on first

  • Companies who are doing content & SEO well

  • Basics of guest posting


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