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Adding Human to Your Brand Through Video [Podcast]

Thad Peterson

Learn about the rising prevalence of video marketing with Thad Peterson, Director Product Marketing at Wistia. Get insight into how companies are leveraging video throughout their organization and the tips you need to make video a bigger part of your strategy.

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Guest bio: 

Thad, the Director of Product Marketing at Wistia, is an entrepreneurial, creative and collaborative marketing professional with a wide array of professional accomplishments and experiences, among them... shooting a Peabody Award-winning documentary, co-founding a mobile-gifting start-up, founding an apparel brand, and heading up product & content marketing at high-growth SaaS companies.

Episode breakdown: 

  • What do you think people are missing from video?

  • People are drawn to video. Video brings out the human quality in brands

  • Stats are showing that video is becoming increasingly more prevalent “ex. 80% of web traffic by 2019 will be from watching video”.

  • Companies are using video more and more throughout the organization (HR/Recruiting videos, Sales/video voicemails, customer support)

  • Different ways to leverage video for lead generation, metrics and SEO benefits

  • Discuss the most important video metrics for marketers


  1. Shooting Video with an iPhone

  2. Shoe Dog- A Memoir by the Creator of Nike - Phil Knight 

  3. My Life as an Experiment - AJ Jacobs

  4. Wait, but Why?

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