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Marketing + Sales + Support = Customer Success

Chances are your company has dedicated teams for marketing, sales and support. Of course, these are all essential measures for finding Customers and ensuring their loyalty to your product or service. One common mistake – especially as a company begins to scale and add more employees – is that these three departments can become increasingly removed from one another. If this how your company operates, it’s probably time to re-evaluate your approach.

Think Bigger

Rather than thinking of marketing, sales and support as independent divisions within a company, consider them as part of the larger Customer Success team. Even though each team might have different roles and responsibilities, all have the same goal in mind: ensuring a successful relationship between the Customer and your company.

Thinking in terms of a larger Customer Success team becomes increasingly important as the lines between departments becomes more and more blurred with how Customers and companies interact. For instance, social media is typically considered to be the marketing team’s responsibility, yet many Customers use it as a forum for support inquiries. If your social media manager is completely removed from the support team, will he or she be capable of providing the best possible answer?

Uberflip’s Customer Success Team

Here at Uberflip, our extended Customer Success Team works together in order to provide a more consistent experience for our Customers. Everyone is up-to-date on what projects team members are working on at our weekly meetings. This enables our staff to offer support to one another on various tasks, even if this means a marketing and support member joining for a certain task. Additionally, our company’s size allows the entire Customer Success team to sit within close proximity to one another (as pictured above). We’ve found that integrating marketing/sales/support is a very effective way of ensuring that our Customers get the best support possible for their page flip Publications.

Does your company follow a similar approach to its operations? Let us know in the comments below!