How Salesforce is Using AI to Find Leads You Didn’t Know Existed [Podcast]

September 28, 2017 Randy Frisch

Nate Skinner, VP of Product Marketing for Salesforce Pardot, joins the Content Pros Podcast to discuss the power of AI's place in all of the marketing puzzle, from the administrative operations to sales.

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In This Episode:

  • How using AI in your marketing strategy leads to streamlined business operations and effective sales teams
  • Why successfully incorporating AI means keeping some of your old tools to complement the new ones
  • How mining for prospects with the help of AI leads to customers you didn’t even know existed
  • Why AI integration means alignment between sales and marketing

Quotes From This Episode:

“It’s not all about leads. Sometimes we have to manage budgets. Sometimes we have to put together events.” —@renniksn

“The machine is learning by looking at success and comparing it to the opportunity in front of us.” —@renniksn

“We need to drive lead flow. And we need to drive it intelligently, and we need to give it to our salespeople at the right time, at the right place.” —@renniksn

“As marketers, we still need a balance of art and science.” —@randyfrisch

“Start where you’re solving a real problem, and where you believe you can get a big impact.” —@TylerLessard


About the Author

Randy Frisch

As President and CMO, Randy runs around daily between marketing, strategy, operations, sales and execution of Uberflip's awesomeness.

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