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How Autodesk Built A Personalized Buyer’s Journey With Only Three People (yes, really!)

Let’s be honest, we all want every touch with a prospect to be a personalized one. Why wouldn’t we? Customers who perceive a business’ content to be tailored to their needs are 40% more willing to buy according to HBR.

Then reality smacks us in face, we don’t have the bandwidth, resources or budget to pull it off. That didn’t stop the construction division of Autodesk however who took the challenge head on, knowing that despite limited resources, a personalized buyer’s journey would expedite pipeline creation.

In this webinar with Adam Higgins, Digital Marketing Manager at Autodesk and Mike Waldron, VP of Marketing at Uberflip, we will deep dive into how to meet the level of personalization your prospect expects without needing an army to support it.

You’ll learn:

  • Why generic campaign landing pages just didn’t cut it for Autodesk
  • The prospect’s flow through the entire Autodesk buyer journey
  • How Autodesk is seeing 3x conversion rates focusing on ungated nurtures and retargeting
  • How you can replicate the approach