How a Project Management SaaS Company Increased Productivity and Grew Blog Subscribers by 300%

The Company: Workfront

Workfront is a cloud-based enterprise work and project management SaaS company. Their solution is designed to help enterprise teams prioritize, route, manage, and report on their work.

The Problem: Time to Publish Content

Before Uberflip, Workfront was using their own project management software, the web team had a well-oiled process for creating great content. They easily managed the assignments and execution around brainstorming, writing, and proofing the assets used in their demand gen efforts. However, the marketing team ran into a time-crunch once the content was created and was ready to be published online. Their CMS made it hard for the average marketer to create landing pages for their content, forcing them to queue up development resources to build pages and push them live.

“We have a fantastic content engine that produces high-quality content at a fast pace. But because of the inflexibility of our system, it often took us a long time to publish that content,” shared Mike Ward, Vice President of Demand Generation at Workfront. “We often needed the help of developers, which made our process even longer.”

The Solution: A New Easy-to-Use CMS

The team started scoping out what it would take to build their own solution when they discovered Uberflip. “When I saw Uberflip at the MarTech conference, I immediately recognized how the product could fix many of the problems we were trying to solve,” said Ward. “One of the most appealing parts of the solution was how we could avoid rebuilding our entire resource center.”

With the ability to now publish content quickly, both the development and marketing teams were able to be more efficient. “We love Uberflip’s flexibility and how we can change things quickly without relying on the development team,” stated Ward. “Our marketers are spending their time doing what they’re hired to do with a lot less troubleshooting.”

Any marketing team would be happy to get more time back to work on more projects, but the results from switching to Uberflip didn’t end with increased efficiency. Workfront’s content sprung to life in Uberflip, contributing to an incredible increase in organic traffic to their content as well as blog subscribers.

The Results: Decreased Time Spent Publishing Content and SEO Improvements

After the launch of their new Uberflip Hub, Workfront found that they were able to give their developers back at least eight hours a week. Not only did the development team get back some time in their workday, but the marketing team did as well. Landing page build time decreased by about 66% due to the easy-to-use platform that integrated directly with Workfront’s marketing automation platform, Marketo.

Workfront also started to see immediate effects in terms of organic search. Uberflip’s solution is built with SEO in mind and by simply moving their existing content over to the new platform, they saw instant results. These changes could be attributed to a backend that meets SEO best practices, a templated experience that helps eliminate on-page errors, solid site speed, and turning their PDFs – which weren’t crawlable by search engines – into crawlable Flipbooks.

Uberflip was one of Workfront’s key SEO focused projects that helped contribute to a 17,000 place climb in Google search results, which increased revenue by 1 million dollars within 6 months. Thanks to getting their content in front of more eyes and adding effective calls-to-action, they increased blog subscribers by 300% in 6 months.

“Our shift to Uberflip has been a great change for everyone in the department,” Ward continues. “We publish our content more quickly and effectively, we require less help from outside teams, and we’ve seen solid increases in the number of potential customers we talk to. It was absolutely the right decision for many reasons.”

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