How DoubleDutch Increased Their Conversions by 46%


  • The marketing team had to rely on the engineering team to make changes to their resource center or publish new content forcing campaign timelines to lengthen 
  • No way of knowing if the visitors who converted on a piece of content ended up consuming it after downloading it making lead scoring difficult
  • Resource center made it difficult for visitors to navigate to different pieces of content 


  • Become autonomous from engineering team and gain control over own Hub
  • Gain better insights into how content is performing
  • Improve lead quality


  • 24-hour build out time with no reliance on dev team
  • 41% lift in unique visitors
  • 46% increase in CTA conversions
  • 219% increase in CTA impressions
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How Booker Decreased Their Cost-Per-Lead by 71%

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