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How Does Intent-Based Personalization

Binge-worthy content experiences don't just appear. They’re purpose-built by strategic marketers who have done the hard work of thinking through the buyer journey and compelling visitors at every stage of the buyer journey. 

In this video, Jodi Lebow, VP of Demand Generation at, shares how a personalized approach using intent data has helped create a connected buyer experience leading to increased content consumption.

Key Features:

  • The team at turned to personalization to facilitate a more human approach in their online engagements.
  • By breaking down solutions and customer personas, Jodi and her team are able to run intent-based prospecting campaigns, where ads across multiple channel direct viewers to a destination filled with relevant content curated for them. 
  • Jodi explains how she leverages Bombora intent data to further nurture and push related content based on the topics visitors are surging on.