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How Claranet Saved 200 Hours of Development Time Per Year After Adopting a CEP

The Company: Claranet

Founded in 1996, Claranet is a leading global technology services provider. With over 800 employees, based in 16 offices worldwide, Claranet are experts in migrating and running critical applications and infrastructure.

The Problem: An Inefficient CMS Dominated Web Developers’ Time 

An inefficient content management system was draining Claranet’s development team’s time and resources. Developer intervention was required every time the site needed a change, but the team was tied up producing marketing content for each new acquisition, which was happening at an increasingly fast pace due to the exceptional growth of the company. This left no time to devote to revitalizing product pages on their website or building new email templates, and as a result, things quickly became outdated. 

A cumbersome approval process meant the marketing team couldn't be agile and respond quickly to market opportunities—they had to send a draft and creative brief to the developers, who would design the layout and assets, then go back to the marketing team for approval. Finally, the content would be published, days later. The Claranet team knew that in order to achieve their ambitious revenue goals, they needed to find a more efficient solution to scale their content and demand generation strategy.

The Solution: A Versatile and Engaging Platform Easy for Marketers to Use

To achieve their marketing objectives, Claranet needed a platform that would:

  • Empower front-line marketers to publish content quickly
  • Reduce the technical workload on the WebDev team
  • Ensure brand consistency and a quality web experience across all properties
  • Integrate seamlessly with the rest of the marketing tech stack 
  • Maintain and/or improve their SEO strategy 

Uberflip, was the perfect solution, offering a versatile and engaging platform for their marketing team, web developers, and customers. Best of all, the integration with their existing technology stack meant that their demand generation strategy could scale as they did.

“Trying to create this internally would have taken months. My team would have had to develop a resource center from scratch within our CMS that allowed the marketing team to centralize all of their content and pull together custom collections in any way they wanted. It would have required templates, a laundry list of plugins, and a ton of technical debt. The idea of managing that on an ongoing basis was not scalable. The implementation of Uberflip has given my team months back in our schedule,” said Rob Brown, Web Development Manager at Claranet.


Claranet’s Web Team loved that Uberflip had snippets of code already created, allowing them to be autonomous and creative while implementing changes quickly. Compared to their original CMS where everything needed code, Brown described Uberflip as much easier to set up, especially since their marketers could publish content and build on-brand pages without a line of code.

During the implementation phase, Claranet designed a mockup of their Resource Center and passed it along to the Uberflip onBrand team. The team wanted a seamless experience that matched the look of their main website, and a UX design that would allow for optimized search functionality, keeping visitors engaged longer and moving them down the buyer journey quicker.  

“As a web developer, I was shocked at how accurate the onBrand team delivered on the mockup we submitted. We didn’t need to revisit the design at all. This established trust from the onset of our relationship and now our team views them as an extension of our own. Not only that, everyone on the success team helped us stay on track. We always knew the status of our design from one week to the next,” said Brown. 

“When we first thought about moving to Uberflip, we had worries around how it would impact us from an SEO perspective. If you don’t do it right, moving content around on the web can hurt you. We also weren’t sure how moving our content to a subdomain would impact our rankings. But our implementation team at Uberflip worked with us to make it a smooth migration and ensure we had everything we needed to fully optimize our content. Since launching Uberflip, we’ve actually seen an increase in organic traffic and much better engagement across the board,” said Brown.

Claranet has implemented a detailed, customized content journey for their users that far exceeds anything they have ever offered before.

Since implementing Uberflip, Brown and his team have been able to allocate 200 hours a year, to put towards key company initiatives like data management and brand development. “As a Webdev, what excites me is the opportunity to be creative and devote my time to developing new apps for our website. Uberflip gives me back time in my day so I can focus on the things that excite me,” said Brown.